Coming Soon

Hello Kitty-Kats!  I know I’ve been gone for a minute, but it’s kinda hard to post from the middle of the Caribbean.  My cruise was amazing!  And I promise to be a better blogger and post way more often now.  So, here’s the list of what you all will be seeing soon here on BellaRose Beauty.

Definitely Coming Soon:

  • Vintage Rose nail art (I’m about to do this mani right now!)
  • July 2013 Birchbox review (just gotta finish typing it up!)
  • August 2013 Julep Maven Box
  • Essie Sleek Sticks product review (I used these on the cruise, now I will tell yall what I thought of them)

Coming In The Near Future:

  • August 2013 Sample Society
  • August 2013 Pop Sugar Must Haves
  • August 2013 Birchbox (hopefully all of my boxes are waiting for me at the front office!)
  • More nail art!
  • More product reviews!

So, I’m gonna go work on these posts (instead of just telling everyone whats coming up) and I promise to see you soon, Kitty-Kats!


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